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Have a look at youtube for the newest templates I have made. Works in Vegas Pro 14 and higher.
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This is my first album that I made in 1998. I used the Yamaha series SY 85, TG 500 and the QS 300.

Electronic Chillout Space Music Of Idex (1998)

This is my first Fruityloops project I made in 2004. On 2015 I dived into 3D animation and made this video.

Video: The Island 3D Animation by Idex
Music: Open up your mind by Idex

Music is my passion. In the near future I will be doing more "no copyright music" content. They will be published on my Youtube channel for free to download. You can use them in your Youtube channel without credits in the description and it can be monetized as well.  Take a look at the playlist for some new stuff.

Music Studio Setup


- AMD 8core with 16GB RAM

- Yamaha MOXF with 1 GB Flash

- Yamaha SY85 with 1 MB Flash

- Behringer Eurorack Pro RX1202FX

- Behringer Composer MDX 2000

- Behringer Multigate XR 4400

- Alesis Quadraverb GT

- Alesis Midiverb 4

- Digitech Studio Vocalist


- OS Microsoft Windows 7 64bit

- Image Line Fruityloops Pro 20

- Image Line Sytrus

- Steinberg Cubase 5

- Lennar Digital Sylenth1

- Native Instruments FM8

- Native Instruments Kontact 5

- Cakewalk Z3TA+

- some additional effect plugins

My Hard- and Software setup has been reduced to a minimum because of room and transport.


1976 I started to take guitar lessons. The following years I was more fascinated by electronic music synthesizers from Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and so on... So, for the future I knew this is going to be my kind of music. Unfortunately the synthesizers I wanted to use where far too expensive. 1988 My first synthesizer was the Yamaha DX27, wich had only 8 polyphonic notes and no velocity and no effects.

I also bought a used Casio CZ101 and one year later the SK1 wich had 8 bit sampling function. For the notation I took a Yamaha QX5 Hardware sequencer (at that time the programming was an headache, because of the small LCD display). Me and a friend (Hello, Bert) founded the group "Gemini". Then Workstations became very trendy.

1992 I changed my Hardware and invested 1600,- Deutsche Mark in a used Yamaha SY85 (wich I still have today) and expanded the Sampling memory up to 2.5 MB (this was at that time a lot of memory)! Then the IBM home computers became populare. I got from Twelvetone Systems Cakewalk 2.0. This was for me the beginning of the digital world of DAW's.

1997 Since then I used more Synthesizers like Yamaha TG 500, QS 300, Motif XS and the virtual analog legendary AN1x. Today VST Plugins have replaced a lot of these hardware synthesizers. But I still have moments where I just like to play for hours and twist some fancy buttons and create some new sounds!

I also got into video home recording. In the 80's I started with a National Panasonic VHS camera filming. Today I record short clips with my mobile phone, DJI drone and a GoPro stabilized with a gimbal. As you know I use Vegas Pro for editing.

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