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1976 I started to take guitar lessons. The following years I was more fascinated by electronic music synthesizers from Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and so on... So, for the future I knew this is going to be my kind of music. Unfortunately the synthesizers I wanted to use where far too expensive. 1988 My first synthesizer was the Yamaha DX 27, wich had only 8 polyphonic notes and no velocity and no effects.

I also bought a used Casio CZ101 and one year later the SK1 wich had 8 bit sampling function. For the notation I took a Yamaha QX5 Hardware sequencer (at that time the programing was an headache, because of the small LCD display). Me and a friend (Hello, Bert!) founded the group "Gemini". Then Workstations bekame very trendy.

1992 I changed my Hardware and invested 1600,- Deutsche Mark in a used Yamaha SY85 (wich I still have today) and expanded the Sampling memory up to 2.5 MB (this was at that time alot of memory)! Then the IBM home computers bekame populare. I got from Twelvetone Systems Cakewalk 2.0. This was for me the beginning of the digital world of DAW's.

1997 Since then I used more Synthezisers like Yamaha TG 500, QS 300, Motif XS and the virtual analog legendary AN1x. Today VST Plugins have replaced alot of these hardware synthesizers. But I still have moments, where I just like to play for hours and twist some fancy buttons!

Latest project

This piece of music was my first Fluityloops project I made in 2004.
On 2015 I got interested in 3D object animation.
So this is my first project combining audio and video. I hope you like it.

3D creation in Google Sketchup and  rendering in Lumion .

Music: "Idex - Open up your mind" 

Current Studio Setup


- AMD 8core with 16GB RAM

- Yamaha MOXF with 1 GB Flash

- Yamaha SY85 with 1 MB Flash

- Behringer Eurorack Pro RX1202FX

- Behringer Composer MDX 2000

- Behringer Multigate XR 4400

- Alesis Quadraverb GT

- Alesis Midiverb 4

- Digitech Studio Vocalist


- OS Microsoft Windows 7 64bit

- Image Line Fruityloops Pro 12

- Image Line Sytrus

- Steinberg Cubase 5

- Lennar Digital Sylenth1

- Native Instruments FM8

- Native Instruments Kontact 5

- Cakewalk Z3TA+

- some additional effect plugins

My Hard- and Software setup has been reduced to a minimum because of room and transport.